Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Diamond?

We're Diamond Respiratory Care, Inc. For over twenty-five years, we've provided complex respiratory equipment, care, and supplies to patients throughout California. While we're not a common household name, hospitals, nurses, and very possibly your doctor rely on us every day to take care of their homebound patients with respiratory needs.


Where do your products come from?

All of the products in our warehouse come from either the manufacturer or a first-tier distributor. Having been in the medical equipment business for many years, we have deep relations with virtually every major (and minor) distributor of healthcare products.


Where do you ship from?

All orders are filled from our Riverside, California location. 


How long will it take to receive my order?

Orders placed before 2:00 PM will ship the same day. We use both UPS and USPS. We also have our delivery fleet available for rush deliveries. If you are ordering products from Southern California, you will likely receive your shipment in one to two business days.


I need my order right now, what can I do?

For an additional fee, we will deliver your order via our trucks. Deliveries can often occur on the same day. Please contact us for more information. 


Why is Diamond selling PPE items?

Many of the home care companies and sub-acute facilities that we work with daily are struggling to find personal protective equipment (PPE) for their staff. In some instances, we have access to the items they need. We're doing our part to bring these supplies into our community for everyone's benefit. 


Do your items require a prescription?

Some of the items on our website do require a prescription, or can only be sold to a licensed clinician or facility. If you purchase one of these items, we will contact you to obtain an order or verify your license before shipment. 


I need to refer a patient; what do I do?

If you stumbled across this page accidentally and need to refer a patient with medical equipment orders, please fax your request to (800) 428-2048. Our intake phone number is (800) 977-3002


What is a liquid hand sanitizer?

Liquid hand sanitizer is made from the same active ingredients as traditional gel sanitizers. However, it is missing the thickening agent (Carbomer). The active ingredient in these sanitizers is 80% ethyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. This liquid has 20% more alcohol in it than is required by the CDC for killing viruses and bacteria. The liquid contains glycerine to prevent skin dryness.


Why is the hand sanitizer liquid?

Due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, there is a global shortage of the ingredients and bottles used to make traditional sanitizers. Most hand sanitizers that are used in the healthcare setting are made from alcohol, water, and a thickener called Carbomer. Initially, only the Carbomer component became unavailable. Now, our suppliers are having difficulty finding alcohol, bottles, and caps.